Bamboo is included in plant family grass. They are erect or climbing, woody shrubs or tree-like plants and in some species can grow up to 40 meters high. The leaves, which can be very long, usually fall off the stems. Flowering occurs periodically at intervals of 10-120 years and always occurs simultaneously. There are more than 300 species and they grow predominantly in tropical areas. Bamboo is one of the important plants for humanity. It is used as a building material and for the manufacture of furniture etc. Clothes are made of the fibers. Bamboo seeds and bamboo shoots are important food, common in Asian food.

Bamboo Shoots harvested from several different species. The shoots may be small and resemble green asparagus, or strong and cone-shaped. The white marrow is used as food. They are harvested when they are a few inches long. You sometimes distinguish between summer and winter shoots. The latter are considered best. The bulkheads are sold fresh, dried, preserved or pickled. The main variation is the can variety. Various Asian varieties can be found in Asian stores.

Use of Shoots

Bamboo shoots are thinly sliced ​​or shredded and used extensively in Asian cuisine from India to Japan. They are often cooked together with other vegetables in coconut milk or roasted. Pickled is used as an accessory. Sometimes it is eaten fresh. Bamboo shoots on can can have a slightly canned taste and can then advantageously be swallowed first.

Storage: Opened canned goods are stored in a refrigerator. Durable any week.