Bamboo is an amazing raw material used for hundreds of different products all over the world. Because bamboo grows so fast and is a durable plant, it is an excellent renewable raw material that is both durable and flexible. For example, it is possible to manufacture building materials, decorative objects, animal feed, tools, garden products, food products and bamboo textiles.

Today it is quite common with bamboo clothing, especially when it comes to underwear and socks. The clothes made of bamboo have interesting properties. For example, they are very durable, yet they are soft, pliable and comfortable to wear.

Bamboo textiles are naturally anti-bacterial which is one of the reasons why it is so well suited to and In addition to combating infections and bacterial growth, the material also prevents sweat odor from forming. Bamboo also lets the body breathe when it’s warm and warms when it’s cold. The fact that it is durable makes this fabric even more suitable for underwear and perhaps especially for socks. In Asia, where bamboo grows naturally, bamboo products are quite common and in the past we imported almost all bamboo products from there.

Be a conscious consumer

Something to keep in mind when buying bamboo clothes is how they were made. Many people buy bamboo clothing made of bamboo viscose, and when that type of viscose is made, at least as much chemicals are used as in the manufacture of cotton clothing. What one should look for as a consumer is bamboo clothing from companies that are transparent with how they produce their textiles? There is a way to get a soft material out of bamboo without the need for chemicals. Ask questions if you want to be a conscious consumer. If you have found a company that makes really eco-friendly bamboo garments.