Bamboo’s evergreen leaves rattle wonderfully in the wind, it gives an exotic feel, is easily cultivated and fits both on the balcony and on the terrace as well as being planted in the garden.

Quick care advice for bamboo

Bamboo planting is best enjoyed in a sheltered area in the garden and is well suited to water, stone and Japanese plants such as maple and evergreen azaleas.


Use P soil mixed with the existing soil when planting. Place the bamboo at the same height as it stood in the pot and water well after planting and then regularly the first season.

Planting in a pot

Use P-soil when planting in a pot. Place a 10 cm thick layer of lecules in the bottom of the pot.


Water regularly during the summer. Water especially during drought.


Winter hibernate frost-free or dig into the soil. Protect bamboo with shadow fabric in the springtime if it is in strong sun.


Soil with cow manure around your bamboo bushes every spring and supplement with Universal Fertilizer.