Bamboo is ideal as a hedge. The appearance of the plant makes it particularly suitable as a modern hedge. In addition, the sound of bamboo leaves rubbing against each other gives the garden a pleasant and pleasant atmosphere.

Many varieties of bamboo grow violently and grow over other plants if they are not pruned. The on the other hand, do not spread to other parts of the garden and are therefore completely trouble-free: they do not shoot at the neighbors and do not grow during the paving.

Bamboo as Hedge

Bamboo speaks to the imagination with its rapid growth, its beautiful forms, the exotic cultures associated with bamboo, the enigmatic flowers … Much has been written about bamboo, but not everyone knows that you can use bamboo as a hedge .

It is widely known that bamboo is a fast-growing hedge plant. This means that bamboo is not completely trouble-free: some varieties grow so quickly and vigorously that other plants in the garden suffocate and damage it, does not grow violently and do not spread to other parts of the garden. However, they grow relatively fast and quickly form a nice, durable hedge that makes your garden a pleasant oasis! A bamboo hedge looks modern and has an open character.

Bamboo in nature

Bamboo grows naturally only in tropical regions of eastern Asia, such as China. Both in these countries and elsewhere, bamboo is widely used for toothpicks, floors, furniture, house building, instruments, paper and so on. We like to use bamboo to decorate gardens, but it is clear that bamboo is a versatile plant that can be used for many different purposes. Another advantage is that most species of bamboo grow incredibly fast (30-100 cm per day), so you don’t have to wait long before the sticks grow big again. Fortunately, our plants do not grow so fast and are specially selected for their garden hedge qualities. Most species here in the country become between 3-6 m high with an annual growth of about 50-70 cm.

With bamboo one should be a little careful: it is a plant with strong personality. But if you buy bamboo at, then you can be sure that everything is in order.

Plant bamboo

Bamboo thrives in all types of soil, so it is relatively easy to grow. Bamboo hedges are hardy and require a little. Bamboo likes water, so remember to water the hedges regularly, especially the first two seasons after planting. Bamboo seems like an evergreen plant, and it is also in favorable conditions. Under unfavorable conditions (for example, when the plants are in water or in severe frost), there is a risk that the leaves will curl up, but they will reappear when the weather improves.

Best time for planting bamboo is in the spring. It is possible to plant bamboo all year round, but if you choose to plant bamboo in the summer, it is a good idea to water the hedges regularly so that it does not dry out. Your plants have been well maintained in our nurseries, so when they are planted in the garden you just have to quench their thirst …