Would you like to buy organic clothing? Wear garments made from durable, environmentally friendly textiles? Then bamboo can be an option for you. Bamboo has gone from being a decorative plant both indoors and outdoors to being harvested for the production of products in several areas. The plant has become popular in fabric manufacturing as the material becomes very soft and compliant, it also has antibacterial properties and allows the skin to breathe which makes it suitable for those with sensitive skin. Bamboo is a favorite of organic companies but be sure to read the fine print to choose bamboo that is kind to both you and the environment.

Bamboo in the textile world

Textile made of bamboo is skin friendly and gives a comfortable, luxurious feel. A few years ago, stockings in bamboo began to appear in well-stocked stores, lingerie followed and today everything from underwear to dresses and bedding is manufactured in this fantastic material. The manufacture of textiles usually has a large, negative impact on the environment, but bamboo is grown organically, free of pesticides. The textile industry benefits from eco-thinking as it gives room for smaller companies to flourish. Western manufacturing of textile products has largely disappeared, but as demand for organic alternatives and so-called “slow fashion” grows, a market for the textile industry has been re-created in the western world, albeit on a small scale.

Materials for the future

Bamboo is advocated by companies that make organic clothing and is often called the material of the future, but not all bamboo is as environmentally friendly as it is claimed. From a cultivation point of view, bamboo is better for the environment than, for example, cotton, but the breeding process is not very good for either man or the environment. A large part of the garments made in bamboo consists of something called viscose bamboo, in order to produce this material large quantities of toxic chemicals are required which destroy the bamboo’s positive properties. If you want to enjoy all the wonderful qualities of bamboo while at the same time making sure that you have purchased a garment made in the most environmentally friendly way possible, you should ask for bamboo that is mechanically manufactured and eco-certified.