Fargesia ‘Nitida’ (or: glossy bamboo ‘Nitida’ ) is an evergreen variety of bamboo that does not spread wildly. This kind of bamboo has narrow, gray-green leaves. Gloss bamboo ‘Nitida’ is ideal for hedging, but can also be planted in groups or solitarily. Leaves remain over winter. In addition, this variety is very hardy. The stems are purple / green.

Since this species does not spread wild or too violent, you do not need a root block. Glossy bamboo ‘Nitida’ is a bushy variety of bamboo that thrives in all soil types. This variety grows nicely in both sun, semi-shade and shade. Gloss bamboo ‘Nitida’ grows up to 300 cm high.


  • The roots do not spread wildly.
  • Fast growing (you get a beautiful, tight hedge fast).
  • Evergreen with wonderful, hanging stems.


  • Only suitable for wide hedges.