The animals have long been threatened with extinction, but now the situation for the pandas looks a little better.

The black and white giant pandas are a kind of bears. Like other bears, they can eat meat. But almost the only thing giant pandas eat is the grass bamboo. Therefore, it is not strange that they need to live in bamboo forests. People have cut down such forests to grow or build houses. Then the pandas have made it harder and harder to manage. The animal has long been a symbol for endangered animals.

After all, it seems a little better for the pandas. This is an international organization that shortens IUCN and collects information about endangered animals on a “red list”. This list sees others who work with endangered animals as important. On the IUCN list, the giant pandas have long been endangered. Now the animal has been moved down one step, to a level called “vulnerable”. It’s not that bad.

This is because the number of giant pandas seems to have increased in recent years. The Chinese have estimated that there are more than 1,800 giant pandas today, which is more than before. Other experts on bears also believe that the pandas have become more. These do not mean that the danger is over, but it seems that work to help the animals work.

There are many who work to save the giant pandas. In China, natural areas where the pandas live have been protected and they are also trying to plant new bamboo forests.

Unfortunately, there are other animals on the red list that the situation has become even worse than before. So is it for gorillas, for example.