Surfboard manufacturer Gary Young believes that bamboo can replace carbon fiber in many places in car manufacturing, the BBC reports.

Young has developed a method for weaving bamboo and covering with epoxy, thereby creating a material that is both strong and environmentally friendly. The material cannot replace carbon fiber, for example in Formula 1 cars, but in more everyday contexts it should go well.

The major advantages of bamboo are the environmental aspects and the price. Carbon fiber production requires a lot of energy and the material is not recyclable. Bamboo on the other hand can be greenhouse positive, provided the logistics problems are solved. At present, the production of the bamboo weave is adapted for it, compared to the car industry, quite modest surfboard manufacture.

Bamboo is already used by Lexus to manufacture interior details. The big advantage of bamboo there is the time, bamboo grows about ten times faster than other popular types of wood for car interiors.